Suncor Oil Refinery Mini-Series

I love driving past factories at night, and I decided to create an entire series with factory pictures focusing on light and color.  Many people will see this as some sort of environmental statement, but its not the case at all.  Instead, I want this series of photographs to look at American industry from a perspective of curiosity.  This is part one of my Factories at Night photography series.

Suncor Oil Refinery 1
Suncor Oil Refinery 2
Suncor Oil Refinery 3

About Me

Hi!  My name is Judaea Kimberly and I am an aspiring texture artist.  I am currently searching for a job in advertising, film, or any industry that utilizes computer generated imagery.  In my spare time, I also practice digital photography, performance art, and digital painting.  Outside of work, I enjoy competing in equestrian sports.