Senior Short Film

The following short film, “Too Much Glue”, was created by myself and my classmates at the University of Colorado-Denver’s Digital Animation Center.  I was the Look Development Texturing Lead, and I also shared responsibility for lighting, texturing, and animation.  I will be posting detailed edits of my specific elements soon.  Hope you enjoy this in the meantime!


Old Yugo

For the “hero object” portion of the final reel, I chose to model, texture, and light a 1982 Zastava Yugo in the style of the Fallout video game series.  Here are three detailed shots, and a link to Vimeo where you can view the rotation shot.

Yugo rear view
Rust stain detail
Front detail

Sunday Brunch 2.0

Here is my first demo reel piece.  I wanted to create an image based off the computer generated room sets in the IKEA catalog.  Each of these items is a CG version of a real IKEA product.  Modeled, textured, and lit in Autodesk Maya, rendered in Arnold, and finished in Adobe Photoshop.

Sunday Brunch_GEOMETRY

Sunday Brunch_GI
GI Only
Sunday Brunch_LIGHTING
GI with Lighting Rig
Sunday Brunch_FINAL
Final Textured Image